Meet Lisbeth

I started my own business in Beauty Therapy in the year 2000. I believe strongly in the holistic and natural approach to health and beauty.

During a stressful time in my life, I suffered from psoriasis. I used hydrocortisone creams and cold tar treatments prescribed by my doctor, but none of this seemed to work. As my condition became worse, the more stressed I became- it was a vicious cycle. I realised then that after being introduced to a dairy-free diet, my condition completely disappeared. I still control my condition in this way. I found that the doctors didn’t seem so interested in my findings- they weren’t interested in the natural way of healing. From then on, I was a firm believer that there was a better way than the pharmaceutical path. From my training as a holistic therapist, and from taking a more natural approach to health, I realised that reducing anxiety and stress in people’s lives can help cure other conditions too.

Due to this interest in the natural approach to health and self healing, I trained in No Hands Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Skin Care.


I trained at Jewel and Esk Valley college, gaining an HNC in Beauty Therapy in June 1999.

Realising my love for the more holistic approach to beauty, I continued my studying at the college gaining qualification in:

  • Reflexology      2000
  • Aromatherapy 2001
  • Indian head     2001

Fully Qualified member of  A B T (Associated Beauty Therapists)

Skin Care

After much research into skin care, I decided to train with the South African brand Environ in 2005. I never looked back. The results are amazing and you can see more details about the benefits of using Environ under the Facials section.

Equally important is the makeup that’s applied after your skin care routine. As a skin care therapist, I was finding that the makeup people were applying after their treatments was causing congestion and undoing the good that the Environ products were achieving. Therefore I trained with Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup in 2007. I find that Jane Iredale makeup works hand-in-hand with Environ, allowing the skin to breathe and be protected from harmful UV rays. You can find out more about Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup under Mineral Makeup section.


I have had a long interest in the natural approach to health and self healing, and since 2012, I have been training in No Hands Massage. In 2015 I qualified as a No Hands Therapist, after completed my No Hands Mastery year. This was a course that took place over three long weekends in Cheltenem. This was a great course for self development, and there was a lot of giving and receiving of massage that helped the therapists to understand the power of touch. This course, which both supports the therapist and enhances there skills, ensures effective communication between client and therapist to achieve the best client outcome.

No Hands believes in continued development to enhance my ability as a therapist. I like to combine therapies where necessary to provide the best possible treatment for my clients, depending on their requirements.


Qualifications & experience