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Over the past three years, I have been training in this new form of massage. People call it “The Gentle Giant of Massage“. It is both deep and relaxing at the same time. Developed By Gerry Pyves, and unique to the UK, there is no other massage like it.

No Hands stands for excellence in the quality and the power of the touch that you receive.

Licensed No Hands practitioners are among the most highly trained, committed and dedicated massage practitioners in the UK.

No Hands is what people who want more than just a skin rub choose for their massage.


‘Its about change, letting go, releasing and transforming ourselves.’



What Happens During the Session

There is an initial consultation and contracting for what type of treatment the Client would like.

Every treatment is different. The massage is designed to meet your needs at that time on that day.

Time will be spent explaining how to get the most from your massage.

Most of the work is carried out with the client on the table, with or without oils.

The client is in total control throughout the treatment, even down to depth and speed of the massage.


‘The power of touch is immense’


People come to receive No Hands Massage for a multitude of reasons;

Space to unwind, Release tension that’s built up, to Stretch and Loosen every muscle in your body.

Time out to Connect with your body, with your mind, with you as a person.

Time for some pampering, to feel truly Nurtured.

Or how about an invigorating Energising Massage to get things flowing again?

Whatever the reason, the right kind of touch Massage can literally Connect, Loosen, Energise, and Nurture us all in one go.



An hourly massage costs £45

The massage is tailored to your needs. After deciding the treatment suitable for yourself, as in depth ,speed ,style off massage and the areas you would like to target. Whether its a full body, Back, Neck, Shoulders.or more the legs and hip areas.