Reflexology is an holistic treatment. It is based on the discovery that there are points on the hands and feet that correspond to the organs, systems and structures of the body.

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Environ Skin Care and Treatments For facial treatments, I use Environ I came across Environ by default. After completing a training course for a well know skin care brand, I unfortunately took an allergic reaction to their products. This was

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Over the years of giving and receiving Holistic Therapies, I have seen and experienced the amazing effects that touch therapies can have on the body and mind, bringing the whole body’s systems back into balance. It’s about finding the right therapy

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Lisbeth Douglas

Lisbeth Douglas works in a purpose built beauty room in her home, which is well presented, bright with a therapeutic calming atmosphere and charming views. Lisbeth believes in treating each client individually making you feel totally relaxed. Most of her clients have been recommended to her and she has built up an excellent reputation. Lisbeth is a fully qualified therapist with over fifteen years experience.

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Relax, Destress, Unwind

Let Eskbank Studios relax, de stress and unwind you.